Thursday, July 21, 2011

Earn Money 50,000 per month

Making Big with
how you can earn Rs 50,000 per month
working from home?

we have a referal program, its free to join
we pay you, when the person you refers register as a jobseeker on our website
and posts his resume, we pay you Rs 25 per jobseeker who registers with us

Register here

if you dont have a website, write in website column"adposting job"

all you have to do is post ads on job forums, classified websites
and social networking websites

india has over 125 crore people
so plenty of job seekers out there

to earn rs 50,000 per month, you just need to refer 2000 people
and its quite easy

tons of people available on social networking websites
like ibibo,facebook,orkut, just spread the link there

you will get lot of members, in job forums
just type "job forums" in google, lots of job forums
will appear
and then post ads with your link
job forums have highest members, since lot of people in those forums are looking for job
and will signup with your link

Please note:
a jobseeker has to register by himself, you cannot register him on your behalf,
job seeker has to fill our form, you cannot put his information on our website
its not allowed, each and every resume is checked by support staff

we are paying Rs25 per resume,and you will be paid when you reach Rs 2000/-
the reason we dont do bank transfer is that we wont like to have your bank details
with us. TDS will be Applicable, in case you cross rs 20000 per year

1 important thing once again, you do not post resumes of your friends or other people
they have to register themselves, you cannot register on there behalf, thats not allowed
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